Author J.R. Macnamara, in the book, Media and the Male Identity: The Making
and Remaking of Men, claims that less than 20% of media stories/ shows
reflected positively for men - and crimes, including murder, physical abuse,
and robberies accounted for over 55% of all media reporting of male activities.

A good percentage of men feel incriminated just for being born a male.

At the same time, popular romantic dramas have taught us that the "
good guy"
always wins (in the end) and a man should allow the disrespect and snobbery
from women, while he bends over backwards to please her and showers her
with gifts and romantic gestures.

But, what's happening in the real world?.....

Men are receiving more verbal abuse & manipulation than ever from women....

Many goodhearted men are bending over backwards to please women, only to
be hurt (and cheated on)....

Due to this distorted cultural conversation, both men and women are finding
marriage & overall happiness much more difficult (or even unobtainable)....

Some men are now commitment-phobic or want nothing to do with marriage....

While, ironically, many women feel there are "
no good men" left.

One of the saddest parts, is since women don't see the value in their lover or
husband, if they have children together, she doesn't see the value in his
involvement with their child, and women are taking children away from their
father's - oftentimes hurting not only their ex, but also their child.

So, how can you avoid this confusion, heartache, even emotional abuse from

And how can you avoid typical female manipulation, sexual withholding,
pity parties and games?

How can you
make her see your worth, value you, and respect you?....

Despite this emasculating, "
men are always in the wrong", culture?

For a limited time, relationship coach Shelley McMurtry is allowing men to take
advantage of an instructional video she's made:
"Establish and Sustain a
Strong Identity, Maintain Your Manhood, and Rise Above Our
Emasculating Culture"

Warning: This video holds 20 controversial concepts which most women
may not agree with, but they assist men in regaining control over their
life, time, money and happiness. This video is NOT for women. This
video was made specifically for men.

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